Leashes & Collars

Leashes & Collars

Handmade Leashes and Collars

Our Leashes and Collars are all Handmade in Alberta, Canada. We use only the best materials to ensure an excellent quality product that will last and look great through the daily wear and tear your pet thrives on.

Each pattern is available in an Adjustable Collar, Adjustable Martingale Collar, and an Adjustable Leash with built in Traffic Handle. Attractive, functional, machine washable...it doesn't get much better!

Strong and durable - the Nylon core adds strength, the Mock Mesh Athletic Material on the back keeps the skin dry and helps avoid chaffing, all of the metal components are nickle plated steel so they last longer and are less likely to tarnish.

Collar choice is up to you: the regular Adjustable Collar for normal use or the Martingale Collar which allows for quick and easy correction without the sharp force trauma of a choke chain.

Our leashes allow for everything you and your dog may experience on a walk, run or just hanging out at the park.

  • The built in Traffic Handle allows you to quickly shorten the leash - simply grab the traffic handle and your dog is easily handled on a very short lead. This is extremely handy when approaching intersections, people or other dogs.
  • The Adjustable waistband allows for hands-free walking/jogging, it also allows you to adjust the leash longer or shorter depending on your preference.
  • We have included a hook for easy off-leash play - simply detach the leash from your dogs collar/harness and attach it to the hook located near the handle/waistband. When its time to "leash-up" again reattach it to your dog and you are on your way.